Ultra HD Digital LED display screen video wall

1.Ultra slim and light
2.Cabinet IP54, module IP30, verified all-weather resistance performance.
3.High contrast ratio, high gray scale, wide viewing angle.
4.Standard cabinet design.
5.High reliability: Average time between failures is 1 years at least

Application range
Widely used in large venues, stadiums, banks, post and telecommunications, government agencies, terminal, docks, stations, securities market and other market transactions, medical systems, power, and the exhibition hall a need for publicity, advertising, information release guidance and other places.





1) Ultra-thin: single box 7.5 KG, 100 mm thick;

2) Ultra high refresh rate, can guarantee high definition camera and video camera when shooting can crawl to the hd exquisite display;

3) Low light and high ash performance: in the case of low brightness, according to gray uniform, shows good consistency;

4) High contrast: mask design, blackbody, SMD surface reflective, large viewing Angle, good display effect;

5) High brightness, color uniformity, high quality selection of the same batch light-emitting device, ensure high uniformity;

6) USES the advanced blanking plan: eliminate dark bright, ghost phenomenon;

7) High reliability life: USES the straight plug adapter plate design, simplify the casing connections, effectively reduce bad connection problems and can reduce the signal attenuation and interference, high quality light emitting devices to ensure high reliability life;

8) Seamless splicing fast, simple and easy maintenance: the lock structure makes stitching operation is simple and convenient without tools.

9) No noise: mute design, air conditioning, no fan free installation, eliminate noise, reduce power consumption, save electricity saving energy;

10) Real-time error detection function: no need to add additional external original can detect whether each LED independently for open circuit state, and can eliminate so bring problems such as the cross;

11) Optional maintenance structure: before conversion and convenient maintenance.

Parameter name Parameter
Module composition Pixel structure Table three LED
LED Specification SMD1010
Pitch composing 1R1G1B
Pixel distance 1.667mm
Module resolution  (W×H) 120X180 dot
Module size 200mm×300mm
Pixel density 360000dot
Peak power consumption 42W
Module weight 0.352Kg
Optical parameters
White balance brightness 800cd/m²
The best distance of visualization ≥1.6m
Horizontal perspective 140°
Vertical perspective 120°
Luminance uniformity ≥98%
Color uniformity ±0.002Cx,Cy
Contrast 5000:1
Electrical performance Maximum power 750W/m²
Average power 225W/m²
Input voltage AC220V(50Hz)
Output voltage DC 5V
Processing performance Drive mode 1/30Scan
Frame frequency 60Hz
Refresh rate ≥1920Hz
Control way Synchronous
Use parameters
Typical life values 100000 hrs
Working temperature range -20一60℃
Storage temperature range -20一60℃
Working humidity range  (RH) 10-80%
Storage humidity range   (RH) 10-85%

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