Transparent led display

Cabinnt Size: 690x640mm


Pixel Pitch: 3.7 5-8/5-8/10/20mm


Brightness Intensity: ≥1500CD/m²


Refresh rate: ≥2200Hz


Ave.Power Consumption: 350W/m²


Application: building glass wall, chain shops, exhibition, shopping mall, shopping center, commercial center, etc.





glass led display (5)

The transparent led display as a new glaring star in led display area with comprehensive advantages. Super slim and less weight without any steel structure frame. You can install it like a window-shades. It is a outstanding product which well beautify moden glass building, also enlarge the building function for adverts. It will be the trend in the next 5 years. Here please check some brief introduction as below.

  • Verious Application

    This special product design as window-showdes which has widely applications, like building glass video wall for adverts, hotel hall, autocar 4S shop, chain shops, luxury shops, etc. This glass led display is totally transparent to well beautify the whole building. 

  • High transparency 

    special product design Glass led display is 60%-90% transparency from P3.75 to P20. It looks like a window-shades when come near and nothing you can find if far away from it. SMD3528 small size led chip improve the transparency, also ensure the color homogeneity. This SMD3528 led chip divide to three brigtness levels to adapt to different circumstance: 2500CD/sqm, 3500CD/sqm, 5500CD/sqm. 

  • Humanized installation

    This transparent led display without any steel frame cabinet, you can directly hang it onto the wall with our hanging beam. And all the cables are hidden to ensure the gorgeous of the whole module. Compare to traditional led display, this product no need to make steel structure when install on the wall, this is the biggest advantage for large glass building. 

  • Fast Maintenance/ No Need Governmental Approvement

    Glass led video wall led display is stable and safe when light on. Only take out one led bar loosing the bracket, you can easily change the defective leds within 30s. All the power supply and control cards concentrate on top of led panel, you can open it with the bracket then replace some defective parts after a very long term use.  
    Because it is installed inside your building, so there is no need to apply governmental approve before installation. 

  • Energy Saving 50%

    Outdoor 50% energy saving is other attractive advantage of glass led display. All the black underpainting of images will be lightless on transparent led display, so all the images will be more cool and glaring. On the other hand, all SMD led chips match with energy saving driver IC. 

  • Three Diffrent Design

    We provide three different design of glass led panel. The first one is regular led panle with 960x640mm size for super large building video wall. The second one is rental led panel with strong and slim rental cabinet which use for stage always. The third one is All-in-One glass led machine which can display videos/images when make it power on.

spec for glass led wall

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