Stage event P7.2 indoor rental led display led display screen video wall

  • Brand: MPLED
  • Model number: p7.2
  • Applicable environment: Indoor
  • Pixle pitch: 7.2mm
  • Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Brightness: 1200-1500cd/㎡
  • Colors: >16.7M
  • Cabinet size: 600mm×400mm×97mm
  • Product Description:





Leo series
Indoor SMD Die-casting ultra slim cabinet(576*576)

1.Our products are conscientious works compared with others in LED display field. Can you guess the weight? 576mmX576mm only   kg! Under the same size, it is the lightest die-casting aluminium cabinet in the history.

2.The products carefully orchestrated by engineers of Mpled are absolutely nice. Besides the design of magnetic module, each module also use three insurance locks to reinforce and stabilize. Just turn on insurance locks, hold the small button and push out, the module is taken out easily. Replacing module only needs 3 seconds, improving more than 3 times efficiency .

3.Flywheel style fast lock of the die-casting aluminium cabinet work with the side pins and the u-shaped fittings to ensure faster installation and dismantling of the screen and ensure the flatness and tidiness .

4.High-definition, wide viewing angle, high gray scale and high refresh rate, let you enjoy the visual feast and experience the cost-effective products of Mpled.

Unit Module NO. P7.2
Pixel pitch 7.2mm
Size of pixel SMD3528(3 in1)
Pixel configuration 1R1P1B
Size of block module 288mm×288mm
Resolution of module 40×40
Density 19290dots/m²
Module power 40W
Cabinet Cabinet material Alu cabinet
Size of cabinet(l*h*t) 576mm×576mm×95mm
Weight of cabinet 7KG
Support hanging or not yes
Main Parameter Best viewing distance >7m
Best viewing angle ≤140°
Max power consumption <600W/m²
Colors >16.7M
Gray scale 16bits
Color temperature 6500K
Control method Synchronization
Driving device Constant current
Driving method 1/10 scanning
Frame frequency 60Hz
Refresh frequency 1200-4800Hz
Brightness 600-900cd/m²
Working voltage AC220V/110V±10%
Working temperature -20℃~50℃±10%
Out-of control point <0.0001
Brightness Control 256 grade
Mtbf 10,000Hours
Life span 100,000Hours
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