Light Box/Advertising Player LED Display

Light Box/Advertising Player LED Display is the best way for the walking street, shopping mall, hall of hotel, hospital, gas station, and other places you want to show advertising. High brightness, high definition and richful color. Remote control by 3G, Wifi, it also can achieve control in group.
   Best way for media company, cover large area, gain more audience for your advertising.

Requirements for Light Box and Advertising Player LED Display

High Brightness to ensure crystal clear images in virtually any lighting conditions.
High IP Rating to withstand the most strict weather conditions.
Smart Size ensures the flexibility and possibilities for your advertising.
Uniform and Sharp Image to ensure an outstanding performance.
Multiple control modes meet different environment needs

Technical Solution for Light Box and Advertising Player LED Display


1. High Standard Component
LED Lamps—from famous encapsulation companies with Silan, Epistar, Cree and Nichia chip.
IC Driver— Adopted MBI driving ICs.
Power Supply— Famous brand from China Mainland G-energy and Taiwan Meanwell.

2. Scientific Structure Design

Full-waterproof Cabinet ensures the screen to keep on working for you even in rainy weather
Smart ventilation design to ensure good heat dissipation
Aluminum extrusion profiles ensure the gorgeous appearance of the screen
Acrylic glass cover to protect the screen from being damaged

3. Intelligent Control System

Multiple control modes- it can provide synchronous control, asynchronous control, network/optical fiber control, wireless control (3G, wifi), USB disk and cluster control etc.
Monitor–Support full monitor on status of receiving card, cabinet, power supply, fans and LED in real time.
Brightness adjustment —auto brightness control based on environment brightness by light sensor; or you can adjust it manually by software.
Remote control—Control or configure the screens remotely at any time, and turn on and off the screens at any time or at a specified time.



This Light Box/Advertising Player LED Display can be controlled in group and achieve 
Remote control by 3G, Wifi, here’s the details for you: 

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