Small pixel pitch led display

Cabinnt Size: 960x960mm, 1024x1024mm


Pixel Pitch: 1.2/1.6/1.9/2.5mm


Brightness Intensity: ≥800 – 1200 CD/m²


Refresh rate: ≥3000Hz


Ave.Power Consumption: 270~400W/m²


Application: TV studio, meeting room, cinema, hotel, monitor room, TV wall, house TV, etc.





When you need to make a big statement in quality and performance, nothing gets the message across clearer than the smallest LED solution in the industry.

  • Various Application

    You can customize the display to virtually any size and shape to fit your specific application needs. Mainly used for meeting room, TV Studio, Traffic commanding office, military control room, shopping mall…

  • Seamless Splicing and Fast Installation

    HD Series features our innovative die-cast aluminum housing and unique quick-lock design that make seamless splicing and fast installation.

  • Slim and Light-weight

    85mm panel depth and 7.5kg panel weight lead to significant saving in transportation and installation than traditional panel.

  • Large Viewing Angle

    Large viewing angle with broad viewing angle up to 140°, bringing a larger visible viewing angle

  • High Contrast Ratio and Vivid Visual Effect

    The contrast ratio can reach 10000:1 with black SMD and mask, improved 30% than traditional normal white led.

  • Excellent Heat Dissipation

    Metal cooling structure, no noise and no fan

  • Small pixel pitch

SPEC FOR HD led display

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