Fixed led display

  • Pole led display

    Pole led display

    P3/P4/P4.81/P5/P6 Pole led display is for special application for streets, shopping mall, commercial center, exhibition, etc. It install along with the pole, like street light pole. The most attractive advantage is shocked advertising effect when all the  pole led display change image at the same...
  • Indoor fixed LED display

    Indoor fixed LED display

    For indoor screen digital display applications that require high quality reproduction from close or far viewing, MP FI series is your ideal solution with pixel pitch from 4mm to 10mm. And they can be configured to meet your specific needs and design objectives in virtually any shape and size.
  • Small pixel pitch led display

    Small pixel pitch led display

    When you need to make a big statement in quality and performance, nothing gets the message across clearer than the smallest LED solution in the industry.
  • Outdoor fixed LED display

    Outdoor fixed LED display

    MP FO series LED displays are specifically designed for fixed installations in branding, digital out-of-home (advertising) and sports. They come at an attractive price without compromising on performance and reliability. And with the ability to shape our LED display to any size or shape,you can ...
  • Stadium led display

    Stadium led display

    Stadium perimeter led display widely use for football match, basketball match and some sports club. The feature of the perimeter led display is very long, usually 300mx0.96m around the site palce. It is really a great product for adverts during match, like the WOLRD CUP, FIFA, etc.
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