Featured led display

  • Transparent led display

    Transparent led display

    The transparent led display as a new glaring star in led display area with comprehensive advantages. Super slim and less weight without any steel structure frame. You can install it like a window-shades. It is a outstanding product which well beautify moden glass building, also enlarge the build...
  • Flexible Led Module

    Flexible Led Module

    MP FL series has already proven its worth in many eye-catching installations. It can help artists to think outside the box for creative design. With MP FL Series, the platform has been geared up for architectural integration.
  • Taxi Top Led Display

    Taxi Top Led Display

    The taxi top led sign already been a new warmly welcomed outdoor mobile media for advertisement in the city center. This taxi led display become our most hot selling star product within 2 years with fine design,convenient installation, HD image/video display and intelligent control system. It is...
  • Dancing Floor LED dsiplay

    Dancing Floor LED dsiplay

    P4.8/P8.9/P10 Indoor&outdoor
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