Pole led display

Cabinnt Size: customized dimension


Pixel Pitch: 3/4/5/6/8/10mm


Brightness Intensity: 3000 – 8000 CD/m²


Refresh rate: ≥1200Hz


Ave.Power Consumption: 200~850W/m²


Application:  Outdoor media, led street light pole, street adverts, shopping mall, chain shops, etc.






Pole led display is for special application for streets, shopping mall, commercial center, exhibition, etc. It install along with the pole, like street light pole. The most attractive advantage is shocked advertising effect when all the  pole led display change image at the same time. Other is wireless 3G connection and Icloud control system.

  • Multi frame design

    Pole led display is uniform cabinet with standard size. That means it must be convenient to carry and install. This pole led display support for back maintenance and front maintenance. You can open the frame from side or from back.


  • Quick Installation

    Pole led display connect with some pole by the bracket hoop. You can easily fix the pole led screen within 30 seconds, so it is great product for outdoor Icloud media. This hoop is stainless steel to avoid rust and some bad weather near the sea. 


  • SMD technology and super slim design

     Totally SMD technology with high level waterproof/ultraviolet-proof SMD chip to ensure widely horizontal/vertical viewing angle,  better uniformity for led surface and better stability. 

    The Aluminum frame is only 80mm thickness with 50-60kg weight. It is so smart when fix on the led street light pole. Really a attractive scenery in modern city.

  • Multi Control way

    Pole led support for LAN, wifi and 3G/4G. Especially compatible with Icloud control system, that means you can control over 5,000pcs led display at the same time in the same software in your office or by your smart cellphone. This Icloud system can well locate every pole led display by GPS and supervisor image of every led display. All the images will have a record in the software so that you can educe the excel to check adverts. 


  • 3G Internet control system

    3G internet control system is the most popular way for pole led display. There is 3G control card and 3G  router in the frame and totally wireless connection between PC and led display, also between led displays. 


  • Waterproof and Stable material 

    Pole led display should be suitable for all bad weather in different regions in the world. The working temperature can be-40 to 60 degree and all the durable material is anti-corrosion. It can last 7-9 years without breakdown. 




Module PO-P4 PO-P5 PO-P6 PO-P8 PO-P10
Pixel Pitch 4mm 5mm 6 mm 8 mm 10mm
Brightness ≤5000 nits ≤5500 nits ≤6500 nits ≤7000 nits ≤8000 nits
Refresh Rate ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz
Driving Method 1/8 scan 1/8 scan 1/8 scan 1/4 scan 1/4 scan
Grey level 65536 65536 65536 65536 65536
Color Display 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion
LED Type SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535 DIP346
IP Grade IP65 / IP65
Power consumption(Max/Average) 1230/369 W/sq.m 1050/315 W/sq.m 730/219 W/sq.m 660/198 W/sq.m 600/180 W/sq.m
Module Size (mm) 256X128mm 160X160mm 192X192mm 320X160mm 160X160mm
Display Size(mm) 768×1280×120 mm 800×1280×120 mm 768×1344×120 mm 768×1280×120 mm 800×1280×120 mm
Cabinet Size(mm) 768×1600×120 mm 800×1600×120 mm 768×1664×120 mm 768×1600×120 mm 800×1600×120 mm
Cabinet Material Steel
Cabinet weight(kg) 51 kg 51 kg 52 kg 50 kg 54 kg
Cabinet resolution 192×320 Pixels 160×256 Pixels 128×224 Pixels 96×160 Pixels 80×128 Pixels
Pixel density 62,500 Pixels/sq.m 40,000 Pixels/sq.m 27,777Pixels/sq.m 15,625 Pixels/sq.m 10,000 Pixels/sq.m
Application environment  
Input AC power voltage 96V-242V
Working temperature -30℃ ~ 60℃
Working humidity 10%-95%RH
Signal type(with video processor) AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, DP
Control distance HSYV: <100m; SMF: <10km

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