What is LED video displays ?

LED video displays give you the power to communicate, to motivate, and to entertain.

LED video displays are seen to be sited for Outdoor advertising, for events like sporting events in stadium and arena, for staging and mobile display etc.
The features of LED video display include high resolution with virtual pixel technology, advanced LED video displays have 200% more pixels than traditional LED Displays for LED video Displays. With more display pixels, you can show more details and information, or simply a better video quality.
This larger dynamic range helps Act One displays show more details on dark scenes, and smoother, more brilliant colors for all videos and pictures.
LED video displays are modularly designed so that they can be easily maintained. They can be configured into customized sizes and width/height ratios with the combination of modules. The modular design also makes LED video displays easy to setup and dismantle, and therefore perfect for staging applications.

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