Truck mobile led display screen


High Brightness to ensure crystal clear images in virtually any lighting conditions.

High IP Rating to withstand the most strict weather conditions.

Good Heat Dissipation to ensure a long life span.

Super-slim design to save the space of trailer led display.

Light cabinet in aluminum alloy, to reduce the weight of trailer to help it move faster.


Parameters Value
Pixel pitch(mm) 10mm 8mm 6mm
Pixel configuration DIP346 SMD3535 SMD3535
Pixel density(dots//㎡) 10000 15625 27777
Brightness(CD/㎡) 8000 7000 7000
Best viewing angle 120°/120° 140°/140° 140°/140°
Best viewing distance(m) ≥10m ≥8m ≥6m
Refresh rate(Hz) 1920HZ
Gray level 14bits
Module size(mm) 160*160 256*128 192*192
Cabinet size(mm) 960*960 1024*1024 960*960
Drive mode 1/4 scan 1/4scan 1/8 scan
Power consumption aveg.(W/㎡) 180 250 220
Power consumption max.(w/㎡) 600 820 730
Protection level(IP) IP65 IP65 IP65
Operation voltage 96v-242v(47-63Hz)
Working temperature -30℃~+60℃
Life span(H) 100,000hours


Mobile/Truck/Trailer LED display is used for outdoor mobile advertising. You can install this kind of LED display no matter on truck, trailer or bus, to show your advertising anywhere and anytime. It can be used for events, campaigns, publicities and promotions.

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