This our P4 product with 6x3m

This our P4 product with 6x3m
1) Cabinet material is aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is the same material with airplanes.
The strength is three times than die-casting aluminum, but more light-weight.
The weight per square meter is only 28kgs.
2) PCB material we adopted is FR4, with 4 layers boards, it makes the LED displays has a good heat dissipation.
3)LED chip using epistar,red color size is 7x7mil,green and blue color is 6x8mil.
The Brightness more than 1500nits
4)IC using MBI5124.
The refresh rate more than 1920hz
5) The module is designed to be fixed onto cabinet with both magnetic and screw, thus you can replace and maintain the modules fst and covenient from the front, no need any extra tools.
6) Fast lock design, and seemless after being assembled.

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