Scoreboards led display board china

14495B311-0 14495B311-0

  1. Score board with professional scoring system during the whole match, it is induced by the coach and sound.
  2. We provide P6, P8, P10, P12 outdoor led display as scoreboard. And also P5, P6 indoor scoreboard for indoor basketball.
  3. The scoreboard should more than 15sqm in the stadium for all the audience from different angle
  4. SMD and DIP led panel for option
  5. Support for backup system
Parameters Value
Pixel pitch(mm) 8mm 10mm
Pixel configuration SMD3535 DIP346
Pixel density(dots) 15,625 10,000
Brightness(CD/㎡) 7000 8000
Best viewing angle 140°/140° 120°/120°
Best viewing distance(m) ≥8m ≥10m
Refresh rate(Hz) ≥900Hz ≥900Hz
Gray level 14bits 14bits
Module size(mm) 256×128 320X160
Cabinet size(mm) 960×960 960X960
Cabinet weight(kg) 55 55
Cabinet material steel steel
Drive mode 1/4 scan 1/4 scan
Power consumption aveg.(w/㎡) 250 180
Power consumption max.(w/㎡) 820 600
Protection level(IP) IP65
Operation voltage 96v-242v(47-63Hz)
Working temperature -30℃–+60℃
Life span(H) 100,000hours


Stadium scoreboard for displaying the match score synchronous with the match. It is controlled by the professional scoring system.

FIFA World Cup scoring board in Germany

Scoring board for football match in national stadium, 2011

Basketball match scoring board, America, 2015

Europe football match led score board led panel in the stadium, 45sqm, 2009

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