P16 Football outdoor led display signs

  1. P16 outdoor led display in the stadium has ultra brightness reach for 7500CD, and reliable IP66 protection level.
  2. All the module mask is soft to protect leds and athlete even some serious impact
  3. Special control system support for over 800m long led display around the football/basketball playground.
  4. Backup signal input to avoid black screen when some problem for the first signal input.
  5. Air plug connection for cabinets ensure quick installation and quick disassemble after match
  6. The led display support for 15-90°angle adjustment to attract more audience and fans.
Parameters Value
Pixel pitch(mm) 10mm 16mm
Pixel configuration DIP346 1R1G1B DIP346 1R1G1B
Pixel density(dots) 10,000 3,900
Brightness(CD/㎡) 8000 8000
Best viewing angle 120°/120° 120°/120°
Best viewing distance(m) ≥10m ≥16m
Refresh rate(Hz) ≥900Hz ≥900Hz
Gray level 14bits 14bits
Module size(mm) 160×160 256X256
Cabinet size(mm) 960×960 1024X1024
Cabinet weight(kg) 55 58
Cabinet material steel steel
Drive mode 1/8 scan Static constant
Power consumption aveg.(w/㎡) 180 290
Power consumption max.(w/㎡) 600 940
Protection level(IP) IP65
Operation voltage 96v-242v(47-63Hz)
Working temperature -30℃–+60℃
Life span(H) 100,000hours


Stadium perimeter led display professional for football/basketball match playground, it is installed on the ground along with the ball park to attract all the people in the stadium.

P16 perimeter led panel test in Chile with brightness, 2015

Brazil stadium football perimeter led.

Paris 2014 sports in center stadium with P16 perimeter led signboard

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