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Adopting high brightness LED Lamp to make sure the advertisement visible even in the sun directly;

Aluminum mask and High transparent PC cover with anti-UV, anti-pulverization painting, anti-rust, anti-aging resistance;

Special developed high performance power supply, with overvoltage, overload, short circuit, delay power on/off function, apply in -30°C~+60°C environment.

With 3G/4G, wifi, USB, or group control method, customer can control and manage very conveniently. Also, GPS can lock the place to place for target advertising.


Parameters Value
Pixel pitch(mm) 5mm 5mm 6mm
Pixel configuration SMD3528 SMD2727 SMD3535
Pixel density(dots//㎡) 40000 40000 27777
Brightness(CD/㎡) 4000 6000 7000
Best viewing angle 140°/140° 140°/140° 140°/140°
Best viewing distance(m) ≥5m ≥5m ≥6m
Refresh rate(Hz) 1920HZ
Gray level 14bits
Module size(mm) 160*160 160*160 192*192
Cabinet size(mm) 960*320*250 960*320*250 960*384*250
Drive mode 1/8 scan 1/8scan 1/8 scan
Power consumption aveg.(W/㎡) 120 320 220
Power consumption max.(w/㎡) 400 1050 730
Protection level(IP) IP66 IP66 IP66
Operation voltage 96v-242v(47-63Hz)
Working temperature -30℃~+60℃
Life span(H) 100,000hours


It mainly used for outdoor advertisement as outdoor mobile media. It is suitable for broadcast brand/promotion/events and company logo/information. Higher IP66 waterproof level to resist bad weather in some cities.

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