High refresh P3.91 indoor rental led display

Mpled photoelectric manufacturer focus on high-end LED display production, the production of LED rental screen though price about 30% higher than other manufacturers, but stable and reliable products, easy disassembling and maintenance, so customers to choose P3.91 this high-end LED display, its have indoor and outdoor dual-use, protection grade reaches IP30, insulation PCB design and slope drainage design can effectively cope with the outdoor weather;And indoors, its brightness, the density of pixels, the refresh rate have reached a higher level, the industry’s leading black lamp design, but also can obtain excellent consistency, image fidelity, plumpness and contrast color got greatly ascend, and when the matching stage, black lights because itself is not designed, avoids the stage lights and all kinds of light source on display, always keep the LED color administrative levels feeling and clear contrast, is have each kind of performance, conference, exhibition and high-end meeting the ideal choice.
P3.91 LED display is currently the industry is widely used in high-end indoor screen, its 50 cm * 100 cm cabinet size, easy to set up and tear open outfit, especially suitable for rental market.Of every square metre is 256 * 256 pixels, rich pixels and brightness, to ensure that the excellent display effect.Adopt the die casting aluminum box, the protection grade reaches IP30, effectively cope with field and bad weather.In recent years due to the vigorous development of LED rental market, LED upgrade is also very quickly, after the common into the era of P3 P3.91 LED display with its ideal display effect, stable and reliable performance and ease of assembly features, in the past two years has been widely used in indoor LED rental.

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