500x1000mm Rental LED Display

Product Details


  1. The led boards adopt aluminum material with high strength level, great tenacity and outstanding uniformity.12kg/panel with size 500x1000mm, the size is so convenient to make the large led display video wall
  2. Curved panel available with 15° inward degree and 15° outward degree, can make any shape as you like
  3. Seamless assembly within 0.1mm difference, the flat surface ensure the high quality image
  4. Large viewing angle 140 horizontal and 140 vertical, all the people around can well enjoy the visual feast, especially for HD camera from different angle
  5. Professional RGB led chip design with small encapsulation, high bright, wide viewing angle and antistatic characteristic
  6. High resolution with 3.91mm, 4.81mm pixel pitch to well display HD image and exquisite colors(546 level)
  7. Support for VGA, DVI, HDMI, 3D/HD/SD display mode which suitable for TV video, VCD, DVD or live broadcast
  8. Low power consumption with energy saving power supply, greatly improve the power efficiency
Parameters Value
Pixel pitch(mm) 3.91mm 4.81mm 6.25mm
Pixel configuration SMD2121 3-in-1 SMD2121 3-in-1 SMD3528 3-in-1
Pixel density(dots//㎡) 65,536 43,264 25,600
Brightness(CD/㎡) 1500 1400 1400
Best viewing angle 140°/140°
Best viewing distance(m) ≥4m ≥5m ≥6m
Refresh rate(Hz) ≥1920Hz
Gray level 14bits
Module size(mm) 250×250
Cabinet size(mm) 500x1000x75
Cabinet weight(kg) 12kg
Cabinet material Die-casting aluminum/ Aluminum
Drive mode 1/16 scan 1/13 scan 1/10 scan
Power consumption aveg.(w/㎡) 200 160 120
Power consumption max.(w/㎡) 650 530 400
Protection level(IP) IP31 IP31 IP31
Operation voltage 96v-242v(47-63Hz)
Working temperature -30℃–+60℃
Life span(H) 100,000hours

P6.25 stage curtain led display with 500x1000mm panel as background, Europe, 2012

500×1000 led boards on stage for amazing background video wall

Chinese TV show led screen with 500x1000mm led panel, 2013

Flying wings led video wall for indoor stage with curved solution, Indonesia, 2015

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