Indoor Rental RSI series LED display





RSI series is popular for stage and Expo application with most less weight cabinet. This series can support indoor curved led display and lower cost.

  • Indoor Rental/Fixed Application

    Mainly used for fashion shows, expo, weddings, TVStudio, Church, Stage, Shopping mall, hotel, Airport, Railway station, bus station and etc

  • Cabinet DIY color to meet all requirements

    All colors for RSI series is available, red, green, blue, yellow, golden, white, silver,etc. And logo printing on the cabinets is also available.

  • Super slim and Light-weight

    70mm panel depth and 7kg panel weight lead to significant saving in transportation and installation than traditional panel.

  • Large Viewing Angle

    Large viewing angle with broad viewing angle up to 140°, bringing a larger visible viewing angle

  • Three-high Design and Excellent Visual Effect

    The advanced configuration ensures its high contrast ratio, high refresh rate and high grey scale, which delivery an excellent visual effect.

  • Quick installation with lock connection

    Convenient lock connection support for quick installation and disassembly, one person can finish 50㎡ screen configuration within 20 minutes. Save a lot of labour cost.


Module SI-P3 SI-P4 SI-P5 SI-P6 SI-P7
Pixel Pitch 3mm 4 mm 5mm 6 mm 7.62 mm
Brightness ≤1600 nits ≤1400 nits ≤1500 nits ≤1200 nits ≤1000 nits
Refresh Rate ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz
Driving Method 1/32 scan 1/16 scan 1/16 scan 1/16 scan 1/8 scan
Grey level 65536 65536 65536 65536 65536
Color Display 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion
LED Type SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD3528 SMD3528 SMD3528
IP Grade IP30 / IP30
Power consumption(Max/Average) 1100/330 W/sq.m 620/186 W/sq.m 400/120 W/sq.m 280/84 W/sq.m 340/102 W/sq.m
Module Size (mm) 192X192mm 256X128mm 320X160mm 192X192mm 244X244mm
Cabinet Size(mm) 576×576×80 mm 512×512×80 mm 640×640×80 mm 576×576×80 mm 488×488×80 mm
Cabinet Material aluminium profile 
Cabinet weight(kg) 11.5 kg 9 kg 14 kg 11 kg 8 kg
Cabinet resolution 192×192 Pixels 128×128 Pixels 128×128 Pixels 96×96 Pixels 64×64 Pixels
Pixel density 111,111 Pixels/sq.m 62,500 Pixels/sq.m 40,000 Pixels/sq.m 27,777Pixels/sq.m 17,222Pixels/sq.m
Application environment  
Input AC power voltage 96V-242V
Working temperature -30℃ ~ 60℃
Working humidity 10%-95%RH
Signal type(with video processor) AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, DP
Control distance HSYV: <100m; SMF: <10km


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