P10 led video display case of outdoor advertising in China

Project Name: Mpled P10 led video display case of outdoor advertising in China
Product Model: FO-P10
Screen Size: 8.64 x 6.72m (W x H)
Location:  China
Time: 2015
Applicable environment: outdoor LED advertising display, commercial advertising LED display, High reflash LED display

p10 LED panel,p10 led outdoor displays.jpgp10 LED panel,p10 led outdoor displays.jpgp10 LED panel,p10 led outdoor displays.jpg

when we purchase a product, we usually considered its price and quality. we always try to find out the balance between them. We called it “the best cost performance”. however, some of the customers paid more attention to price than quality. This situation happened a lot in led video display industry. i would like to tell you that it is an adventure. if you are lucky, you may save a lot of money. if not, you will lose a good investment opportunity .You may wonder why “lucky or unlucky” exists in led display industry? let me explain to you below:
now days, more and more manufactures are making their led video displays to be standard products. they can save a lot of laboury and money by this way. however, they don’t consider other factors to influence the lifespan of led screens. We still believe that led video displays must be customized beacuse we need to make the products according to the exact install environment. For example, if you install a led video display very close to sea shore and this display manufacture didn’t pay attention to details. The steel cabinets and led legs will get rust very quickly. it is an unlucky situation. If this display is installed at a place where is far from sea side and with good enviroment. it may be used for a long time. We call it lucky.
We Mpled don’t want to do business by lucky. We pay more attention to details. We considered more than others. such as the picture project in makassar, Indonesia. It is near the seaside and the temperature there is quite high. our led video screen can bear the harshest weather. This project is kinda like a proof.
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